About Us

In 1996 we entered the packaging industry and production under the name Ack Pack and over the years, we achieved tremendous success through prospective projects and goals while prioritizing human needs.

In 2008 we established production line in Turkey as a large range of disposable paper product manufacturer such as paper cup, paper plate, cake cups etc.

In 2013 we established Multipak Scandinavia AB in Gothenburg to provide better service to our customers in Scandinavia with our 600m² showroom located in our office.

We maintain production, storage, and shipping activities under our Turkey office Stamper.

With our Private Label Green Goose, we maintain our conservationist approach and marketing of eco-friendly products.

At Multipak Scandinavia AB, a product of 25 years of non-stop provision of services and sectoral experience, we place it among our core principles to fulfilling our customers needs and remain a reliable business partner. We are aware of the fact that meeting the requirements of this ever-progressive approach is only possible through investing on people and technology.


In addition to offering environmentally conscious, bio-degradable, hygienic, and food-safe bio and compost products and innovative products, our vision is to also produce economical solutions for eco-friendly food packaging with an aim to share the know-how we have acquired in Sweden, the pilot region of Europe in this regard, with our conscious consumers, and popularize the use of the resulting products.

As Multipak Scandinavian AB, our medium and long-term goal is to consolidate our position among the sector leaders in the Scandinavian region and grow in the European region day by day. We aim to reach this goal by reaching more customers, offering them the best products and services, maintaining a sustainable and solid growth with a stable economy, and maintaining our permanence in the sector.


Our mission is to provide high-quality and affordable services by holding onto ethical values, respecting consumer rights, complying with "Food Safety" practices, and using eco-friendly materials and state-of-the-art technology, with the help of our qualified team of specialists.


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Are you Looking For a Partner with a High Standard for Ethics and Environments?

GreenGoose is your partner to maintain sustainable values, we can ensure that our products fulfils a high standard for Ethics and Environment.

All GreenGoose products are independently tested to ensure optimal durability.

Our facilities are certified in accordance with environmetal and environmental regulations quality control systems ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

GreenGoose is certified with FSC® and suitable for SUP directives.

We review all of our suppliers annually to make sure they maintain sustainability values, follow our Code of Conduct and EUs Regulations.